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Persuasive critique

Challenge your opinions and views: I am going to provide an opinion on a subject, and I want you to criticize it from a technical, legal, and ethical perspective. My opinion is: [insert opinion].


Roleplay as a celebrity or character

Talk to your favorite celebrity or fictional character: I want you to roleplay as [insert character name]. I want you to respond and answer like them, using their tone, vocabulary, and mannerisms. You only have access to knowledge that they would have.


Online course creation

As an expert in creating online courses and teaching resources, please create an online course on [insert subject]. Begin with an overview of the subject, followed by chapters covering important aspects. Within each chapter, provide sections that address key points. Include a table of contents and links to online resources for further reading at the start of the course.



Check facts*: You are going to act as an expert fact-checking system. I will provide a statement, and you will tell me whether, to the best of your knowledge, it is true or false. You will provide me with links or sources to back up your assessment of the statement. The statement is: [insert statement]


Fact-checking specific statements

Can you fact-check this statement: [insert statement]


Recent developments in a chosen topic

What are the latest developments related to [insert topic]


Latest developments in your selected field

What are the latest developments in the field of [insert topic]


Benefits of a service for a target audience

What are the benefits of [insert service] for [insert target audience]?


Advantages of a product for a target audience

What are the benefits of [insert product] for [insert target audience]?


Quotes related to a specific topic

Find quotes related to [insert topic]


Recent studies in your industry

What are the recent studies in [insert industry] that could be written about?


Recent research in your industry

What are the recent researches in [insert industry] that could be written about?


Suitable visuals for your content

What types of visuals, such as images, would be useful to support the content of the [insert article]?


Visual aids for your article

What types of visuals, such as infographics, would be useful to support the content of the [insert article]?


Research sources for your article

What main sources will be used to research the [insert article]?


Call to action for your product

Create a call to action for [insert product]


Keyword list for your article

Generate a list of keywords related to this article: [insert article]


Long-tail keywords for your topic

Write a list of long-tail keywords for this topic: [insert topic]


Ways to enhance a specific subject

Provide [insert number] ways to improve [insert subject]


Suggestions to improve your essay

Provide 2 ways to improve my essay: [insert essay]


Improving your article's title

Provide 5 ways to improve the title of my article: [insert title]


Step-by-step instructions for a task

Provide step-by-step instructions on how to [insert subject]


Writing an essay in a specific language

Write a [insert level] [insert type of essay] in [insert language]. about [insert topic]. It must be [insert number] words long.


Conversing in a target language

Act as a language partner. Let's start a conversation about [insert topic of interest, e.g., favorite hobbies, travel experiences] in [insert target language]. In every response, share your opinion, and ask me a question to keep the conversation flowing. Ready to begin?


Transcribing words from a language

Create a table with 2 columns: In the first column, type the [insert language] words: [insert word1, word2, ...]. In the second column, provide the phonetic transcription for each word. Feel free to choose any language and words you'd like to include.


Best sources for a specific topic

What are the best resources for [insert topic]?


Comparing words in a language

What's the difference between [insert word1] and [insert word2] in [insert language]? Provide [insert number] examples


Explaining algorithm in plain English

Explain [insert algorithm name].


Summarizing a title

Can you summarize [insert title]?


Enhancing your resume summary

Provide 3 ways to improve my resume summary: [insert text]


Misconceptions about a particular topic

What are the most common misconceptions about [insert topic]?


Understanding key formulas

Explain the meaning of the formula [insert formula]


Defining specific words

What does [insert word] mean?



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