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Music composition

Act as a composer. I’ll provide the song lyrics and you create the music using a variety of [insert instruments and tools].


Catchy song creation

Create a catchy song for the [insert target audience] that explains [insert topic]. Make each verse about a different [insert characteristic].


Rap song with meaningful message

Act like a rapper. Make a song that features a deep, meaningful message that resonates with [insert target audience]. Write 3 [insert verses] and a [insert hook].


Music composition

Write a song in the pentatonic scale using 4/4 time to [insert artist and song].


Concept for a music video

Create a concept for a music video to these [insert lyrics].


Music chord simplification

I’m going to give you some [insert chords] and I need you to simplify these [insert chords].


Pop chord progression

Write a [insert 16-bar pop chord progression] in the key of E.



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