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Fitness coach for beginners

Act as a fitness professional coach for a beginner who wants to start a workout routine. Please set a fat loss goal for [insert customer's name] and consider [insert his/her] lifestyle. Please ask [insert him/her] about these situations without giving any advice yet.


Movie recommendations

Get movie recommendations: Find me a movie to watch in the genre of [insert genre]. Some examples of movies I like in this genre include [insert favorite movies].


Supplements for metabolism boost

Create a bulleted list of [insert organic supplements] that boost metabolism.


Healthy meal plan for young adults

Create a meal plan aimed at [insert young adults] to help them eat more healthily.


Fun quiz

Create a fun quiz: You are a quiz master and are going to ask me 10 questions on the subject of [insert subject]. You will ask them one at a time, and wait for my response. After each response tell me if I am right or wrong. At the end of the quiz, give me my score and ask me whether I would like to try again.


Mindfulness exercises for anxiety

What are some mindfulness exercises for reducing anxiety and becoming more present?


Improving sleep patterns

Explain the main causes of disruptive sleep patterns and what I can do to improve them.


Dream interpreter

Act as a dream interpreter. Receive descriptions of [insert your dreams], being as specific and detailed as possible, and provide interpretations based on [insert symbols or elements mentioned in the dream] and [insert any recurring themes or emotions observed]. Offer philosophical insights without personal opinions or assumptions about [insert the individual who had the dream]. Feel free to ask follow-up questions to better understand [insert the dream and its context].


creating a numbered-day plan for a specific detail

Create a [insert number]-day [insert type of plan] for [insert detail]


Effective ways to improve an aspect of your life

What are the best ways to [insert improve an aspect of life]?


Numbered gift ideas for a specific group

Provide [insert number] gift ideas for [insert type of people]


tips for a skill or activity

What are some tips for [insert skill or activity]?


Act as a specific type of person exhibiting certain behavior

Act as a [insert type of person] that is [insert behavior]. [insert action]


Achieving your goal within a set time frame

How can you [insert achieve goal] in [insert time frame]?



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